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10' x 12' Clear Heavy Duty EZ Tarp - Contractor 4PK

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This Contractor Pack contains 4 of the 10'X12' Clear EZ Tarps. Larger quantity, leads to larger discounts and saves on shipping! Super effective peel and stick tarp! 

The 10'X12' EZ Tarp is ideal for covering smaller areas of damage and can also be overlapped to cover a larger area. Can also be used at homeowners discretion to temporarily protect blown out windows, sliding glass doors or damaged siding. 

Our CLEAR tarps blend into virtually any surface color without causing an unsightly eye sore and allows your insurance adjuster/roofer to see your damage. This is much nicer to look at when compared to a traditional blue tarp. Images show with a white tarp for visual purposes only. Tarps are CLEAR. 

Our tarps are made from 12 MIL thick reinforced tarp material. These stand up to the elements and wind MUCH better than the other traditional tarps on the market, which are not reinforced and average 3-6 Mils thick. Our adhesive is 60 MILS thick!! It will stick and HOLD! The adhesive wraps the perimeter of the tarp and is 2'' wide to provide an unmatched holding power. Comes ready to use, no tools required. Installation Instructions are included. 

Use on virtually any type of roofing material including: 

  • Shingle
  • Tile
  • Rubber
  • TPO
  • Cement
  • Metal

 Interested in placing a bulk order? Reach us by clicking on the "Contact Us" page. We will provide bulk pricing and shipping quotes for large orders. 

*Not Intended to be a long term solution. May leave behind a slight residue that can be removed with a solvent.*