Insurance Mitigation

The old fashioned method of tarping is costing the Insurance Industry several additional millions of dollars each year because of the penetrating damage caused by the repair, not by the storms themselves!

Fire damage, hail, wind or lightening, the EZ Tarp™ is the one solution that can handle them all with ease. 

The EZ Tarp™ allows barrel tile roofs to be spot treated instead of enveloped. It also provides a new alternative to protecting metal roofs and mobile homes WITHOUT causing any penetrating and costly damage! 

Protect more of your insureds per day while offering  your contracted professionals a safer and faster method of getting the job done!

Take control of your bottom line by reducing your losses and mitigating further damage with the EZ Tarp™.  Ask your  Restoration Professionals and Catastrophe Teams to use the EZ Tarp™ today!