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About the EZ Tarp

The EZ Tarp™ Adhesive Roof Tarp was created and patented after Florida was faced with Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jean.  It introduced a much needed newer, safer and faster approach to tarping that could work on virtually any roof surface without causing further costly penetrating damage as with the current method of tarping. 

The EZ Tarp™ is safer to install than the average tarp because it drastically reduces the exposure time a person is on an already dangerous and now damaged surface to temporarily protect it.  Each EZ Tarp™ panel can be applied in minutes and completely eliminates the need to fuss with tools or extra materials that can roll off a slanted rooftop.

Installation is as easy as positioning, peeling off the release liner and sticking the pressure activated adhesive border of the tarp down with your hands to the area you wish to protect. 



“Finally someone did it!  A quick secure tarp you can put down in minutes without all the fuss.  I love it!”


Steve Futscher , Futscher Roofing, Miami, Florida

“The EZ Tarp™ is a fast, efficient and reliable quality product.  It’s easy to use and the company offers excellent customer service. I can always get them 24/7 whenever I call!”

Hemant Balgobin, Disaster Manager, Cayman Islands Red Cross, Grand Cayman

“I think it’s the greatest thing.  I stopped the leak in my tool shed in less than 10 minutes. I can sleep again!”

Magaly Mesa, Homeowner, Hialeah, Florida