Professionals who have installed an EZ Tarp™ swear they will never tarp the old fashioned way again!
Forget all those other supplies and tools, all you need to put down this tarp is the tarp and a ladder!

Contractors, you can reduce labor costs, improve profits, and close more contracts by drying in your customers right after you give them the estimate freeing you up to move on to the next home and secure another sale in just minutes without having to send back an entire tarping crew!

Emergency Responders and Volunteer Organizations can double their recovery efforts in just one day's time!

Imagine the time you will save (and time means money) by spot treating barrel tile and metal roofs instead of enveloping…..

Whether the roof damage or siding damage is caused by fire, wind or lightening, the EZ Tarp™ is the one solution that can handle all of them with ease.

Each EZ Tarp™ is carefully crafted and inspected out of the highest quality materials which take time to make. Because of this lead time, we strongly suggest that you don't wait until time is of the essence to place your order. Stock up now! Delivery times may be longer during our busy period of June through October so please plan accordingly.

Please ask for your special professional pricing by contacting our Customer Service Department at (419) 924-5566 ext. 207.
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* The first image above demonstrates the use of the EZ Tarp™ on three commercial buildings. The second image demonstrates how the EZ Tarp™ is used to transition from a pitched roof onto a flat roof surface. The third image shows how a roof can be spot treated with the EZ Trap product without having to envelope the entire home. *
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