In many cases such as this one, the temporary repair bill could have been drastically reduced and the replacement cost lowered if the structure had been spot protected with the EZ Tarp™ Adhesive Roof Tarp system instead.

Whether the damage is caused by fire, wind or lightening, the EZ Tarp is the one solution that can handle all of them with ease. Because there is no need to nail through our product on tile or metal, you can spare perfectly good materials below from costly and unnecessary replacement.

Take control of your bottom line by reducing your losses and mitigate further damage with the EZ Tarp™. Ask your contracted Restoration Professionals and Catastrophe Teams to start using the EZ Tarp™ today. With our quick and easy installation, they will be able to protect more of your insured's in less time while reducing your claim payouts!
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Insurance Mitigation
The old fashioned method of tarping as pictured here has been costing the Insurance Industry several additional millions of dollars each year in unnecessary repairs because of the penetrating damage caused by the repair, not by the storms themselves!
The EZ Tarp™ can not only potentially reduce the amount you pay out for temporary repairs; it can broaden the scope of temporary repairs for your insureds, reducing further losses.

Unlike the infamous blue tarp, our adhesive heavy duty tarpaulin panel system sticks to multiple roof surfaces. It allows barrel tile roofs to be spot treated instead of unnecessarily and costly enveloped. It also provides a new alternative to protecting mobile homes and metal roofs WITHOUT causing penetrating damage! It can even be used vertically on damaged siding in places like Tornado Alley.

While metal roofs have proven to effectively sustain stronger winds, they come with a hefty price tag. They are expensive to install and even more so to replace. How much do you estimate the replacement cost for the metal roof in the accompanying picture will be after the extra damage inflicted by the tarping crew to cover it the old fashioned way is tallied up?