More and more we are told by government agencies and insurance companies that it is our responsibility as homeowners to do everything we can to prevent further damage to our property after a severe weather event.

Still think that FEMA's Operation Blue Roof will protect you after a storm? Think again. In 2008 FEMA released the following comments in a press release to the residents of Louisiana:

"Know the kind of roof you have. Structures with flat roofs and tile roofs consisting of clay, slate or asbestos (transite) do not qualify. Mobile homes and roofs consisting of metal will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis." It went on to say "A temporary Blue Roof is generally good for 30 days" .

A home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make in their lives.

Wouldn't it just be smarter to have a better tarp that will last until your roofer can actually fix your roof?

The EZ Tarp™ has many advantages over the standard tarp, including quicker and easier installation, longer life and better protection of property. It adheres to most roof surfaces and its heavy duty UV-treated fabric far outlasts the traditional blue tarp!

Keeping an EZ Tarp™ or two in your hurricane supply kit ensures that you yourself can easily and quickly protect your property from further water damage and dangers like mold if a professional roofer is not immediately available to you while waiting for your insurance adjuster to arrive. A standard 10' x 12' EZ Tarp™ panel covers 120 sq. ft. and can be installed by a single person in just a few minutes.
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Disclaimer: Never attempt to install an EZ Tarp™ on a wet roof. Use of the EZ Tarp™ should be considered a temporary repair until an experienced roofing contractor can permanently repair the damage. Your EZ Tarp™ should always be stored in a cool dry place until it is time to use.
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