Introducing the EZ Tarp Natural Adhesive Roof Tarp line!
In response to years of request from our customers for designer color tarp that would blend into their rooftop's color scheme better, The EZ Tarp™ Adhesive Roof Tarp natural line was created.

Our natural line will have the same warranty, characteristics and UV protection of the original heavy duty white EZ Tarp™ with the added advantage of visibility.

Now roofing contractors and insurance adjusters alike will be able to see below the temporary tarp without having to take it up leaving homeowners un-protected all over again. It will also reduce repair estimates by offering an accurate "clear view of the real situation" for insurance carriers and blend in better to the home's rooftop for homeowners, creating less of an eye soar.

Customers have reported using our adhesive roof tarp to temporarily protect blown out windows, sliding glass doors and even siding damage. There are 101 uses for the EZ Tarp™ that are only limited by your imagination.
About the EZ Tarp Natural
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EZ Tarp Natural
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Visibility of EZ Tarp Natural
EZ Tarp Natural covering broken window
Damaged tile visible under EZ Tarp Natural